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How Do You Know Which Stairlift You Need?
With so much information out there, how do you know who to listen to when you are considering making a stairlift purchase? We have been selling stairlifts in the UK for over 30 years now so consider ourselves experts in this industry,

Choosing your stairlift

Where do you start? Most people, when thinking of purchasing a stairlift will be doing so for the one and only time in their lives. Generally speaking you will have to rely on advice from healthcare professionals and/or the company you are purchasing the stairlift from to advise you on what is available on the market, what you should be looking for and crucially, what you should be avoiding?

Straight or curved?

The two types of stairlift are straight or curved, which one you require will depend on the shape of your staircase. If the staircase climbs straight from the floor to the upstairs landing without any changes of direction, a straight stairlift is normally adequate. If however it changes direction in any way before it reaches the top landing, a curved stairlift will be required. Both types of stairlift are fixed to the staircase not the wall, so could be fitted on either side and both types of modern stairlift are battery powered and will work during a power cut if necessary.

Once you have decided what type of stairlift you require, do not be hurried into making a decision by “hard sell” tactics from a salesperson and remember, if someone offers to price match they are probably asking too much in the first place.

Straight Stairlifts

Straight stairlifts all do a similar job, have similar options and features and in the main are all similarly priced. It’s therefore a good idea to explore which is the best offering overall: Is the seat height adjustable? This may be relevant if you are not Mr or Mrs Average; how soon can the stairlift be installed?

Straight stairlifts should be available within a few days; is there anywhere you can try one before you make your decision? After all it’s a high cost item; who will be installing it? Does the company have its own dedicated engineering team? How long is the warranty and will you be provided with 24hour cover 365days / year.

Curved stairlifts

These are far more specialised and are bespoke lifts manufactured specifically for the staircase on which they are to be fitted, informed and experienced advice from a specialist surveyor is essential to obtain the most appropriate product. Prices vary greatly due to the different configurations and features which may be required. If you are getting quotes from different companies make sure they are all quoting for the same specification. Delivery times can also vary greatly from model to model but avoid the temptation to choose quick delivery over the specification you require; this could turn out to be a very expensive mistake. Once again, if at all possible, you should insist on being able to have a trial ride on an example of the recommended stairlift. You cannot tell what you are getting entirely from a brochure.
How An EMS Stair Lift Can Improve Your Life
We meet a lot of people dependent on others for mobility in our line of work, and we love finding out how their stairlift or ramp will add value to their lives. What we loved the most is that for some people, a stairlift is not an excuse to slow down; in fact it allows them to live a much more active life!

From taking the dog on extra walks or simply going for a coffee with a friend, our customers are confident that when they get home their stairlift will be there to take much of the effort out of moving around the house.

Struggle to get in and out of your house? We’ve still got you covered, check out our range of ramps and lifts, and get in touch with us to make an appointment. We will assess and measure your situation free-of-charge and with absolutely no obligation to purchase!

We know that purchasing and using a stairlift, ramp, or lift is a huge decision in your lives, and that’s why at EMS Stairlifts we only give honest and straight forward advice. Even after your purchase, our engineers can be called out 24/7 365 days a year, so the only thing you need to worry about is whether to go Zumba or shopping! 

Get in contact and see how we can help improve your life! 

What can you expect when you visit our showroom?
Our Stairlift showroom based in Baldock, Hertfordshire, has excellent access for disabled visitors and ample free parking. It is easily accessible from the A1(M) Junction 9, and a very warm welcome awaits you.

Once you step inside you'll be greeted by a professional stairlift advisor who will be on hand to explain the various features of the equipment on display and give you a tour of the showroom. You'll also be able to try as many as you wish, as well as being able to see our range of ramps and lifts.

We understand what it's like to need a stairlift, so we want to make the process as easy as possible. We can't help but think we've created the best environment to find total peace of mind and to ensure you get all the help you need to regain independence in your own home. 

Watch our short video below and click here to book in for a visit

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How safe are stairlifts?
Safety is the foremost consideration when designing and installing a stairlift and long hours will have been spent ensuring that its construction meets the most stringent of standards.

The move to DC batteries was a great step forward and further refinements have occurred in the shielding and protection of the mechanics of the chair. Moving parts are normally now housed in maintenance free self lubricating enclosures that prevent inquisitive fingers, cats tails and loose clothing getting caught in their workings.

Stairlifts have also become more intelligent.

Tiny on board sensors and processors are now built in to their critical systems and provide sufficient brain power to be aware of your sitting position, before departure. Only once you have adopted the correct posture and are safely settled will it let you start your journey.

They have even become sophisticated enough to sense actively obstructions in their path, and slow to a gentle stop if something is blocking your stairway and with dual mechanical/electrics braking and an over speed governor’ there is no possibility of an unexpected or uncontrolled descent.

In addition almost all units will be supplied with a lock off key/button to stop misuse and mischief from visitors to your home. Visits from curious grandchildren need not be filled with worry. Simply lock off the stairlift when your hear the doorbell and no matter how much they may want to your stairlift is out of bounds.

Of course good old fashioned features such as lap belts and seat belts are in place and used in conjunction with cutting edge technology and features now on board, modern stairlfits are the safest ever.

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Delighted Wheelchair Ramp Customer
Did you know that we offer a full range of ramps and lifts? This is what a customer said about their experience of getting a new ramp from EMS Stairlifts.

"We requested a quote from EMS Stairlifts to supply us with a new wheelchair ramp for the front of our house, and it was a very positive experience from beginning to end. 

We were visited at home for an assessment by Steve, and the layout and design of the ramp was decided upon. 

A day or so later, we realised that we needed an additional feature for the ramp, so we contacted Steve by e-mail to see if the plans could be amended. This was done with no problem and we received a detailed quote and plans for the proposed ramp. We were very pleased, and told them to proceed. 

The guys who built the ramp arrived bright and early and did a fantastic job, completing the task in about six hours. Steve was also present for most of that time in a supervisory role, until completion. 

We would recommend EMS Stairlifts to anyone who is considering a new wheelchair ramp - we are absolutely delighted with ours!"

We love to hear your feedback, and pictures are even better! Let us know how much EMS have helped you to re-gain your independence. 

Stairlift Features Explained
It’s imperative that your stairlift caters for all your needs all our stairlifts are designed to swivel then lock, allowing you to use the arm rest to support your weight as you stand up or sit down with confidence, When not in use, simply fold back the seat and foot rest , which will allow other members of the household to use the staircase unimpeded.

1. Folding Seat & Footrest
Reduces the space taken up by the stairlifts when it's not in use. Keeps things tidy and allows other members of the household to use the staircase impeded. The folding seat allows users who cannot bend their knees to use the stairlift. This design also works well on very restricted staircases. 

2. Locking Key Switch
Disable the stairlift at the turn of a key to prevent unauthorised use.

3. Safety Belt
The integral seat belt will ensure you are safe and secure on your stairlift.

4. DC Battery
A DC Battery is the power behind your chair. Being battery operated allows the lift to be quiet, smooth and there is no risk of wires becoming tangled or receiving an electric shock.

5. Infa Red Remote
Call your lift! Summon your lift to your feet as required

6. Safety Edge
The mechanical sensors on the main edge gently halt the stairlift if an obstacle is detected in its projected path. 

Contact us today to find out more or book in to visit our Hertfordshire showroom.
Stairlift Fitting Process
The first stage of the process will always be a home visit or survey. The stairlifts company will need to establish your requirements, degree of mobility and the specific design and measurements of your stairs. They may require some general detail from you such as your approximate weight and height etc. to ensure your stairlift is just right for you as well as your home.

Many people express concern that their stairs are some how unsuitable, but these days this would be very unlucky. For, whilst the exterior of home may vary a great deal, with a few notable exceptions, stairs follow a fairly standard design and there will be options for almost every situation.

A well trained EMS Stairlifts professional, will offer the chance of a demonstration in the UK’s largest stairlift showroom and provide literature and might bring small samples of rail, or even seat cover swatches. With over 25 years experience of fitting stairlifts we will be more than happy to run through with you any lingering questions about the process.

Our surveyor will ask you if you are left or right handed and ask you to describe any problems you are having at the moment in order to establish your degree of movement

Once they made a note of your needs, they will carefully look at the layout of your stairway , check their condition and make accurate notes of any special requirements that may be involved there. If for example the end of the stairwell runs very close to a door frame, they may need to use a hinged track at the base of the rail, that when not in use can be flipped back out of the way so it doesn’t become an obstruction. This is all quite normal, and very easy.

As all stairlift systems are essentially made to measure, We will collate all the information we have gathered and tailor your stairlift solution to match your individual requirements, before presenting a proposal and a quote for your specific job.

Once you are completely happy with our proposed plans we will set to work having your stairlift constructed. Once fully tested and we will call to arrange a fitting date that suits you. In some cases, this can be as little as a few days. 

Interested in finding out more? Get in touch today to find out how we can help
Stairlifts: 5 Common Misconceptions
Stair Lift Experts have broken down some of these issues which are, ‘usually’, misguided thoughts, offering potential and existing buyers a clearer understanding to these misconceptions.

Stairlift Costs – they are expensive

It is not uncommon to assume stairlifts carry a heavy price tag. Surely stairlift prices have gone up year on year, especially in today’s economic climate?  You only need to look at your fuel bills to see this. Strangely though, 5 – 10 years ago, unlike your fuel bill, stairlift costs were more expensive than they are now. For example one would have expected to pay in excess of £3,000 for a standard straight stairlift and over £6,000 for a standard curve stairlift. Furthermore, these products and costs did not offer the many options that are now readily available. Although options are still charged as ‘additional costs’ they are much needed options and can enhance and/or assist a user’s quality of life. Powered swivel seats and power hinge rails are now common options to name but a few.

The most precise way to get an actual cost is to obtain a few quotations. Again, you can benefit from Stair Lift Experts experience here, as we offer to contact good quality stairlift providers on your behalf, saving you valuable time, effort and worry. All you need to do is ‘fill-in’ the few details on our ‘request a quote’ form and Stair Lift Experts will arrange the rest. You can be assured that Stair Lift Experts only contact companies that provide quality products that offer value for money.

Stairlifts are expensive to operate

Certainly not and this is due to advanced technology in power saving devices.  Stairlifts have come a long way and are now considered equal status, if not better, than other  household appliances.

Most, if not all, modern stairlifts comply with European Directives and are built to EN 81-40 standards. Power efficiency and safety are among these directives. As a rule of thumb, most DC stairlifts use very few pennies a day for electricity to trickle charge the rechargeable battery (between 0.10p – 0.20p per day).

Some even consider a stairlift to be one of the cheapest appliances to run in the average home based on the assumption that the average stairlift travels up and down the stair case no more than 14 times per day. Obviously there are always exceptions to this, but 14 travels or 7 return journey’s per day uses very little battery power.

Stairlift size

Most people’s perception is that the size of their staircase may not be wide enough for a stairlift to travel up, down or around bends. Strange as it may seem, although the width of the staircase is one major factor, this is not the most important issue. The most important issue is the overall measurement taken from the user’s spine to their knees or spine to their toes while sitting on the stairlift seat. Usually it’s the user’s knees that protrude furthest as the majority of users can tuck their feet back while resting on the footrest. It is also recognised that some users find bending their knees and feet difficult. Therefore it may be their feet sticks out further than their knee, while resting on the footrest.  Whichever protrudes the most (knees or toes) is the measurement taken to the user’s spine. The thickness of the seat back is then added which governs the overall distance from the back of the seat to a user’s knees or toes as to whether a stairlift will travel safely on the staircase.

The aim is to avoid the user’s knees or feet from clashing with the opposite side of the staircase and most suppliers would still like of provide a further 25mm (or 1 inch) clearance to be safe. If there is a clash, there are still solutions available to our suppliers. In some cases minor alterations may be available where they can widen the staircase width to allow the user a safe travel.

Quality stairlift providers should always note where staircase alterations are possible and at what cost. For the larger user there may be additional options available and again a Stair Lift Expert will discuss these during the site survey.

We appreciate size and weight can sometimes cause user issues both in mobility and body mass which is why Stair Lift Experts recommend stairlifts that are capable of taking weight limits up to 31.5 stone or 200 kilograms.

Another important issue to note is that stairlifts can be folded when not in use. This safely increases the available walking space for other householders needing to use the staircase.

Walls not strong enough

A very common misconception is that stairlifts are fixed to the wall. In almost every case stairlifts are fixed to the treads on the staircase.

Support feet that hold the rail/s which the stairlift travels along is fixed to specific treads of the staircase. Your surveyor can inform you which treads are used, all you need do is simply ask if you wish to know. The weight of the stairlift and the user are supported across the full length of the staircase.

Those buyers thinking maybe their lath and plaster or plasterboard walls may not be strong enough, need not worry.

No good during power-cuts

Many years ago, it is fair to say, most manufacturers made stairlifts that were only powered by mains electricity (AC current). Unfortunately when power-cuts occurred or the power was cut off they immediately stopped working. Years ago, maybe another coin was needed to feed the meter for the stairlift and other appliances to operate. This was not only an inconvenience but often very unsafe, as elderly users living on their own had to navigate their way when stranded upstairs to the find the electric box which was often downstairs.

Fast forward to today and things are quite different. Yes, mains AC power is still needed, but this is purely to trickle charge rechargeable batteries which are usually hidden within the stairlft carriage.

There are many advantages to using rechargeable batteries (DC current). Today if the mains AC power fails, your stairlift would still continue to operate safely using power direct from the re-chargeable battery/s. Today’s advancements enable AC mains electricity to constantly charge the batteries while the stairlift uses the DC power directly from the recharged batteries. If the recharged batteries ever lost the mains supply then the rechargeable batteries automatically continue to operate the stairlift.

A rule of thumb is that most manufacturers’ rechargeable batteries are capable of operating the stairlift for approximately 3 – 4 days using 7 return journeys a day without the need for recharging. As soon as the mains power comes back on then the batteries are automatically recharged to full capacity.
Customer Feedback
At EMS Stairlifts we strive to deliver a great customer experience and to be the best that we can be for our customers. It therefore fills us with great pride when we receive such lovely testimonials and thank you cards in confirmation of this. 

We just wanted to thank all of our clients for sending us your reviews on our service. We have proudly displayed many of them in our showroom and we have selected a few for you to read below.

"I would like to prasie the engineer, Tom, who came to repair our stairlift on Friday afternoon, he came to aler some settings on the circuit board that had been fitted a few days earlier, what should have been a 30 minute job ended up being a lot harder. In total he spent over 2hrs 45 minuates with us, and insuring it was all working properly. He was very helpful, a clean worker and explained everything he was doing as he went along. Considering he was on call that night his care in getting the stairlift working was outstanding. He is a fine example to have working for your company and thought he deserved a mention. Big thank you!" Customer, Hoddesdon

"A big thank you for your service, you made me feel extremely comfortable. My cancer nurse also took some leaflets away to give to her patients as she listended to my opinion on your showroom and company. To have my freedom back is so important to me, so nothing more to say. Thank you, and best wishes to you all!" Customer, Henlow

"Just a note to say thank you for your care and help in getting mum her new stairlift in a relatively short time. Not only has it made a big difference to Mum but it has also given me peace of mind too. Thanks everybody for caring, and for a very good service." Daughter of Customer, South Oxhey

A selection of our lovely thank you cards:
Stairlift Review Hertfordshire

The Thinnest Single Rail Stairlift In The World
The Thinnest Rail In The World

At EMS Stairlifts we proudly present the super compact Otolift AIR: the Oto Air stairlift is one of the thinnest single track stairlifts in the world. This stairlift is very discreet thanks to its extremely small dimensions and the tight fitting rail all of which is complimented by its modern design.
Due to modern aesthetically pleasing features we at EMS Stairlifts believe the Oto Air will be on of the most successful lifts on the market.

As one of the largest independent stairlift dealers in the UK we have been lucky enough to have the ability to exhibit the brand new Oto Air in our showroom. 

Infinity Stairlift coming soon
With over 25 years of knowledge with the stairlift business, we know its very rare a fantastic new product comes to market and when it does at EMS we like to be one of the first independent dealers in the UK to showcase such a product.
We believe The new infinity Stairlift will be a huge success with the industry, due to the stairlift being focused purely on the customers needs. We feel Bespoke have designed a system that is both ergonomically, yet robust also simple to operate and maintain, ensuring a quiet, enjoyable ride without compromising on safety. A variety of options are available to ensure the stairlift is tailored to suit our users environment.
The Infinity life will soon be available to try in the UK’s largest stairlift Showroom in Baldock Hertfordshire