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At What Age Can Stairs Become Difficult?

Published 25/10/2021

It’s not just elderly people who struggle using stairs! You might be surprised to hear that anyone reaching the age of 60 will be the most likely to start developing issues. Such problems will of course become worse as you get older, so it’s important to consider strategies which can help you retain muscular strength needed to move up and down buildings.

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Why is it Hard for the Elderly to Go Upstairs?

As we get older, losing strength is inevitable. There’s also conditions like arthritis and Parkinson’s disease which make movement particularly difficult, in which case supportive measures will need to be in place.

Is Stair Climbing Good for Elderly?

It certainly can be, however, tread cautiously. Throughout each year, a number of elderly related mishaps are attributed towards the use of stairs, so their suitability really does come down to each individual.

Should you still be in a position to use stairs, definitely do so! Not only will this help build up your leg muscles, but you’ll also retain independence, some of which may have been relinquished due to a long-term medical condition.

How Can I Regain Strength in My Legs?

It doesn’t really matter how old you are, you should always maintain an active lifestyle if possible to keep up bodily strength. When it comes to legs, cardio workouts like swimming and cycling are great, and you will find aerobic exercise is particularly good for cardiovascular conditioning.

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Finding Permanent Solutions

If you’ve reached the stage where using the stairs is almost impossible, it’s better to find permanent counter solutions rather than risking your safety. The most common dilemma is whether you should move into a bungalow or purchase a stairlift.

The former means you’ll have to move away, and we all know this never turns out to be a straightforward affair at the best of times! On the other hand, getting a stairlift company to complete the necessary stairlift installations will see you save money and lots of time.

Simple Leg Care Tips

Throughout your life, there’s often very simple activities and lifestyle choices you can make to better look after your legs. Below are just some!

Healthy Diet

The balance of a healthy diet along with regular exercise will ensure you have the capacity to maintain good well-being, and in turn, this should encourage your legs to remain strong and functional.

Look After your Skin

Keep up regular moisturising across your skin. Failure to do so could increase the chances of varicose veins, which means blood will collect substantially around your legs. This will significantly affect your physical strength!

Keep Legs Elevated

Simply raising your legs every so often when sitting or even permanently resting them over stools can make a real difference.

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