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The Cost of Moving: Better to Get a Stairlift Than Move to a Bungalow

Published 18/08/2021

If you’ve reached the stage where using stairs is problematic, you may be dwelling over the idea of moving into a bungalow. It’s hardly difficult to see why, since these buildings allow simple navigation across one floor. But what happens if you want to stay put? Well, we have broken down three reasons installing a stairlift is perhaps the wiser move.

English Countryside Bungalow

Less Stressful

Moving to another property is a long and often tiring process. There are so many parameters which need to come together, and it’s never predictable when trying to advance things forward. Your home is somewhere you often feel safest, so why give this up? During these covid times, staying within familiar surroundings will also do wonders for your mental-health, as moving brings about a lot more uncertainty.

Saves Money and Time

It goes without saying, the process of installing a stairlift will take far less time, but perhaps most importantly, you will have the potential to save lots of money. Within our range of straight stairlifts, we have a number of models available, allowing us to cater towards any sort of budget.

This also stretches to curved stairlifts for sale, which currently includes slimline models like the Elite Curve, and the Minivator 2000, which comes with a variety of features, such as swivel seats and a simple to use joystick.

Enjoy the Benefits of Two-Storey Buildings

Moving to a bungalow means compromising the key advantages from living within a two storey building. Space will be greatly reduced, and you won’t feel the benefit of separating rooms used for sleeping away from more lively areas like the kitchen.

One of the best features behind living in rural parts of the country is the fact you’re likely to be surrounded by stunning countryside views, and bungalows won’t provide the same exposure across large, vibrant areas. You will also find two storey buildings allow for more versatile design, which can be great for people who want their exterior to stand out from the crowd.

Elderly lady using stairlift

Let’s Crunch Some Numbers

Typically speaking, you will be able to grab hold of quality stairlifts for anywhere between £2,000-£3,000. Getting models from a reputable stairlift company also means you’re likely to have a fully functional solution for many years to come, and the wave of benefits they provide really does make their cost pretty insubstantial.

On the other hand, the current property market continues to escalate, and according to Statista, back in 2019, the average price for bungalows in the UK was around £271,000. This figure has risen significantly since the turn of the century, where similar buildings could be bought for as little as £103,000. No doubt 2021 has seen figures rise even further!

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