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Do I Need a Stairlift?

Published 23/07/2018

When climbing up and down the stairs becomes challenging, the physical and emotional discomfort can be overwhelming. For many people, realising it is time for a change and making steps towards finding a mobility solution can be a huge hurdle, and most people don’t know where to turn to get well informed advice.

The Signs You Might Miss

You may only recently be thinking about a stairlift, but chances are the signs that you needed one have been there for a long time.

Perhaps your family or friends have expressed concern about your ability to move up and down the stairs. These people will know you the best and they may have noticed a change in you and have started to worry about your safety. It is a difficult conversation to have, but if other people have started to worry, it may be worth reassessing how you climb your stairs.

Have you changed the way you climb the stairs recently? If you feel discomfort climbing the stairs it may feel like the easiest solution to change your approach, but you could be doing yourself some serious long term damage. Twisting your body to hoist yourself up each step, or bending over to keep your balance can feel like a good solution for a temporary pain, but it could become a habit and adversely affect your health.

Do you wake up with bounds of energy, navigate the staircase a couple of times and feel exhausted for the rest of the day? Having no energy means your social life, your family life, and ultimately your mental health suffers. Installing a stairlift may feel like resigning to your circumstances, but actually it allows you the freedom to explore a more active lifestyle. Saving your energy not for navigating stairs, but for the stuff that is really important to you.

Your Next Steps

If possible, speak with your family and friends about the circumstance you find yourself in. Installing a stairlift can feel like an overwhelming experience, but they will be able to support you through the process. Whilst your family are probably not stairlift experts, we are, and we are more than happy for you to visit our showroom and discuss the difficulties you are facing.

We aim to show you the best range of mobility solutions suitable for your requirements, but will never push you into a purchase. We will inform you of the procedure we follow for an install, from the initial measure through to a working stairlift, and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Our aim is to make sure that stairs cease to be a problem in your life. We want you to make the most out of every single day by eliminating the hurdle that could stop you from enjoying it.

If you want more information about visiting our showroom, or to speak to someone with experience, please give us a call on 01462 499700.