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Published 10/07/2019

We recently received a brilliant 5 star review from a lovely lady who was enquiring about installing a lift into her current property. After speaking with George, our Public Access Consultant, who specialises in delivering complete bespoke alterations to properties to negotiate mobility aids, she decided to take some time to think about her decision.

At EMS, it’s important to us that we provide reliable and honest information about every single one of our products and we offer free advice to anyone that calls us up or visits our showroom. We are committed to a no-pressure-to-buy policy, and it was best represented in this case study, where the lady was put under no pressure to make decisions about her future, nor was she enforced to stay in contact with us.

Excellent Customer Service

“George was wonderful – very helpful and kind. We are not sure if we will purchase a lift – we are considering selling the house and moving to a one-story place – but if we decide to stay here we will definitely come back to you at a later date! Thank you so much for everything!”

The customer left us with a complete knowledge and understanding of the variety of lifts that would be suitable for her current property, an indication of the work involved in fitting the lift bespoke to her home, and an idea of the costs for the whole process. We can only offer the facts and advice based on previous customer experience; it is always down to the customer to decide whether they wish to pursue the stairlift installation.

EMS Stairlifts

Since this customer came to see us at our showroom she was able to try our entire stairlift range and learnt all about the benefits of each product. Should she decide to make a stairlift purchase in the future, she’ll be as knowledgeable as us!

If you want more information about visiting our showroom, or to speak to someone with experience, please give us a call on 01462 499700.