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A Guide to Stairlift Maintenance

Published 14/06/2021

Stairlifts are installed to enhance safety within the home, so making sure the right sort of maintenance gets completed is hugely important. Regular use can affect the functionality of your stairlift, so it’s usually worth hiring a professional to take a close look at the model and decide what needs to be undertaken for proficient use in the future.

On average, you should get your stairlift serviced at least once a year, and much shorter time frames are recommended if you have something second hand. In between servicing, you can also play your own part in retaining the quality of your stairlift. Below are some simple maintenance tips and the sort of impact they can have.

Keep Your Stairlift Clear from Obstruction

A clean passage to and from the top of your stairs is the easiest way to keep your stairlift working the way you want. Should you incur obstructions along the way, this may have the potential to harm the inner mechanics of the stairlift, where the effects might become worse as time keeps passing by. Just a quick glance at the rails every so often could make a real difference, as you’d be surprised what can be found wedged in the wrong places.

Regularly Clean your Stairlift

Rails can build up grime during the week, and this should definitely be cleaned away at any given opportunity. With things like dust a common occurrence within households, particular attention should be made on the negative effects that large amounts could have when trying to operate your stairlift. The construct of railing is usually very similar no matter what model you have installed, so the importance of thorough vacuuming and wiping are relevant to just about everyone.

Use the Stairlift Correctly

The vast technological advancements made with stairlifts are exciting but also mean the possibility of things going wrong are greatly heightened. Really get to grips with the inner workings of your model, as correct operation will prevent unwanted damage. Also make sure you understand any parameters in regards to weight, and make sure the stairlift is only being used by people who actually need this to access certain parts of the home. For example, within our range of straight stairlifts we have The Elite, which can only take up to 30 stone, and comes with a highly sophisticated design, so keep this well out of bounds for the younger members of your family.
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We Provide Stairlift Servicing

EMS is a Stairlift company in Hertfordshire that offers servicing 24/7, 365 days a year. The key focus for our team is to provide outstanding levels of customer service by getting into the heart of any problems and offering transparency about the way we will move ahead with any repairs. The EMS team is now Which? accredited, demonstrating how we can always be relied upon for stairlift servicing and installations. Our aim is to further increase our growing reputation into 2021 and beyond!

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