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How has COVID-19 changed the way our stairlift engineers work?

Published 22/04/2020

At EMS, we pride ourselves on our customer service and our main focus when installing, servicing or repairing stairlifts and other accessibility equipment is ensuring that our clients are happy and safe. One of the ways we achieve this is through our friendly team of engineers, who are always very careful to make sure that they leave our customers’ houses as tidy as possible and that the new owners of the stairlift know how to operate it safely and confidently.

So much has changed so quickly in the past few months due to coronavirus and we have had to respond quickly to government advice to change our procedures to ensure that we can continue to keep our customers safe. The majority of our customers are either elderly or may have health issues that make them particularly vulnerable to COVID-19. It has therefore been vital that we adapt our usual highly-praised customer service to ensure that we are not putting our customers at risk.

Booking an Appointment for Stairlift Installation, Service or Repair

If you need to book an appointment for either a repair, service or for an installation we will outline to you the full COVID-19 safety measures we will employ on arrival at your home and how we will conduct the procedures whilst inside your home to keep you, our Engineer or Surveyor safe. We will try as much as possible to arrive at the appointed time and then telephone you to advise arrival.

Keeping a Safe Distance

The first big change to our processes is that, as well as contacting our customers to let them know when to expect us, we now call on arrival at the property. We are then able to show the resident our ID through a window before allowing space for the door to be opened and the customer to move to another room to be able to isolate themselves while we work. We won’t ask you to sign any paperwork at this stage. Due to us wanting to remain a safe distance away, we also now have to refuse offers of cups of tea and biscuits, which may be the most difficult change of all!

Wearing PPE

All our engineers have been distributed with masks which we will put on before entering the property. They also wear latex palm worker gloves which are cleaned after every job. We also have strong alcohol hand sanitiser gels that means that we shouldn’t need to access a sink or any other room is the house other than the one we are working in.

Rigorous Hygiene

Our usual clean up process is quite thorough anyway, and customers are always happy with how clean and tidy we leave our workspace once finished. However, we now also use disinfectant sprays and wipes to use on all surfaces once we have finished working. This includes equipment we have installed or repaired as well as any other surfaces like banisters or door handles that we may have come into contact with.

EMS Stairlifts

New Stairlift Demonstration During Coronavirus

The conclusion of any good stairlift installation is the handover. Under normal circumstances our skilled technician would demonstrate how to use the stairlift in close proximity to the customer. This is to ensure they feel safe and confident that they can use their new stairlift once we have gone. Obviously, we have had to modify this procedure in order to protect both our staff and customers from COVID-19.

Where possible, the demonstration is given to a family member/friend to keep our vulnerable customers isolated until our engineer has left. We are also able to use technology to communicate during the demonstration and are now asking our customers to use the telephone or a video app, such as WhatsApp, where possible, to allow our technicians to be able to see while giving instructions. Where it is not possible to use a phone, tablet or laptop to communicate during the demonstration, we are still able to do this in the conventional way, ensuring our PPE is on whist observing the safe distance advice where at all possible.

We also now can provide additional written information on how to use your stairlift along with the manufacturer’s user manual.

The most important thing to us is that we can still provide emergency stairlift installations and urgent repairs for those that are most vulnerable. Now that people are unable to leave their homes and may not be able to have carers visit as often or friends and family visit to help out, it is more important than ever that people can access all areas of their home safely. We hope that all our customers understand that our new procedures are in the best interest of preventing the spread of coronavirus and forgive us for our distance. We look forward to everything going back to normal and being able to have a chat and a cup of tea with our customers again soon.

For more information on our change in procedures, please see our Response to COVID-19 Virus.

For more information about our new procedures and how they may affect you, please give us a call on 01462 499700.