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How safe are stairlifts?

Published 05/04/2017

Safety is the foremost consideration when designing and installing a stairlift and long hours will have been spent ensuring that its construction meets the most stringent of standards.

The move to DC batteries was a great step forward and further refinements have occurred in the shielding and protection of the mechanics of the chair. Moving parts are normally now housed in maintenance free self lubricating enclosures that prevent inquisitive fingers, cats' tails and loose clothing getting caught in their workings.

Stairlifts have also become more intelligent.

Tiny on board sensors and processors are now built in to their critical systems and provide sufficient brain power to be aware of your sitting position, before departure. Only once you have adopted the correct posture and are safely settled will it let you start your journey.

They have even become sophisticated enough to sense actively obstructions in their path, and slow to a gentle stop if something is blocking your stairway and with dual mechanical/electrics braking and an over speed governor’ there is no possibility of an unexpected or uncontrolled descent.

In addition almost all units will be supplied with a lock off key/button to stop misuse and mischief from visitors to your home. Visits from curious grandchildren need not be filled with worry. Simply lock off the stairlift when your hear the doorbell and no matter how much they may want to your stairlift is out of bounds.

Of course good old fashioned features such as lap belts and seat belts are in place and used in conjunction with cutting edge technology and features now on board, modern stairlfits are the safest ever.

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