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How to Get a Good Nights Sleep

Published 03/10/2021

Is there anything worse than those restless nights where sleep seems a complete impossibility? There really isn’t! But don’t worry! There are lots of simple things you can do to make things a little easier moving forward. Whether it be your routine or state of mind, making even slight adjustments to your lifestyle could make a huge difference. So, here are the most important things to consider when trying to get some much needed shut eye.

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Reduce Caffeine

It isn’t really just caffeine to be honest, where possible, it’s best to reduce any sort of stimulants if and when sleep starts to become difficult to obtain. When we drink things like caffeine, we’re essentially entering a roller coaster, where sharpness is more apparent to start with, but as time passes, you will often find the complete opposite feeling is more apparent. There’s no telling what effect caffeine will have later in the day, so why risk it? Instead, make tea and coffee something you consume well before heading off to bed.

Maintain Routine

When we get older and eventually retire, our once routine life is thrown out the window! Even though you may have lots of days where nothing concrete is planned, you should still go to bed and wake up at similar times. Maintaining a consistent body clock gives you a more streamlined lifestyle, so you can expect your brain to wind down exactly when you want to. The problem with inconsistent sleeping is you may need to nap during the day, and when the evening does arrive, it could be that you feel a lot more active.

Clear the Mind

A clear mind is a mind more likely to wind down when you need it to. When we’re highly stressed, it’s common to overthink a number of different things at once, leading to an agitated mood. If you start to feel a little overwhelmed, you may want to find countermeasures that help quieten the mind to give you more chance of switching off ready to get some sleep. Things like meditation or seeing your grandchildren over Zoom could give you some reassurance and boost your well-being.

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Create Safe Environments

Unless your bedroom has been specifically designed to suit you, it’s always going to be hard to sleep. The first thing to consider would be whether a stairlift would be appropriate, given how much stress would come about should you have concerns about even getting to your bed safely. Within the room itself, think about any further supportive measures which could make accessing this room simpler, and also to help deter problems which could arise.

Keep Active

It doesn’t have to be too much, even just short walks to the local shop is yet another simple way to help keep the mind active. Exercise will make you appreciate sleep more too, as you can only imagine how difficult it will be to unwind if you’ve been static for the most of the day.


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