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A Day in the Life of a Stairlift Engineer

Published 26/03/2021

Here is a brief account of a typical day working as a stairlift engineer for EMS Lifts in the south east of England, who deals with both the installation and repair of a wide range of stairlifts. It will give you an idea of our processes and what to expect when a stairlift engineer visits your home.

Getting Started

My day starts with a trip down to the main office for EMS at 7:15am in order to load equipment needed for any jobs set for the day. First up is a straight stairlift installation, so checks are made with the installation pack, ready to then head off to the site.

Some minor upheaval hampers the early stages of the day, since having children back at school means long traffic jams are a frequent feature during this period. Nethertheless, this is a huge indication that we are slowly getting back to some form of normality!

Stairlift engineer wearing PPE

Covid Ready

Upon arrival, PPE was brought into play, as it’s important to make customers feel safe. I've also had my COVID-19 vaccine to keep myself protected. The customer is then greeted formally, whilst always keeping a safe social distance.

Any questions are then answered in regards to the installation, in which a quick chat with the customer allows me to start building a strong rapport. It’s just a shame we still can’t have a cup of tea whilst doing so!

Work Begins

The customer is then asked if they would go into a different room while the work is being conducted and that they will be informed when the project has come to an end. Early stages of the installation can now begin by bringing in each part individually to maintain good housekeeping.

Once the stairlift is fitted to the manufacturer's specification, the equipment is then fully tested. If everything appears to be in order, a quick tidy up over the staircase is conducted, which includes a much needed hoover! It’s just unfortunate that there’s not enough time to do the whole house! Finally, the lift is cleansed down with disinfectant, just like every other job, making it ready for its maiden voyage.

Demonstration Time

It’s now time for me to give the customer a demonstration. This is done by keeping a safe distance in order to explain how to use the stairlift correctly. The customer takes a seat, puts the seat belt on, and takes a ride towards the top of the stairs.

Any important paperwork is then signed after the customer has completed a few successful rides on the lift and has expressed their approval. They are then informed that any problems or questions can always be dealt with right away if they simply get in touch.

Emergency Call

I’m now ready to head off to the next job, and this time it’s a breakdown! The customer in question has just called in saying her stairlift is stuck upstairs where the toilet is based.

Being only 20 minutes away, I give the lady a call, helping her to relax and remain calm since getting to her won’t take too long. Upon arrival, a new set of PPE is put on and I offer my greetings.

Finding the Fault

The client goes into the other room as the initial tests are undertaken. It doesn’t take me long to find a faulty footplate safety switch. Thankfully, we are always ready and keep our vans well stocked for any stairlift problems!

Once the issue was identified, I simply went to the van in order to collect the parts needed for any repairs. Within 15 minutes, the new switch is fitted and the lift is both tested and cleaned. I say goodbye to another very happy customer and call the office to see what job is next!

If you would like to speak to one of our stiarlift advisors about getting a stairlift installed, or you need help with servicing or emergency repairs, give us a call on 01462 499700.