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Platinum Curve Stairlift Install

Published 31/01/2020

Freedom of movement within your own home is often taken for granted until you end up losing mobility within your home quite suddenly. The unpredictability of losing your mobility can mean that certain parts of your home are completely out of reach until a solution is found.

Unfortunately, this happened to a Hatfield resident last month shortly before Christmas.

Stuck upstairs in their own home

The client got in contact with us just before Christmas distressed as they had been stuck upstairs in their home for 3 weeks. With Christmas getting closer and closer, they sought an emergency solution so they could join their family for Christmas Day. We were only too glad to help remedy the unfortunate situation and offered an emergency installation on the Sunday before Christmas.
EMS Stairlifts

Despite a very tight and narrow staircase with not one, not two, but three twists, we suggested the Platinum Curve stairlift and immediately commenced the installation of the lift. It was a challenging installation, but our engineer on the scene was thorough and used their experience and expertise to ensure the stairlift was fitted correctly and was safe to use.

The lift was successfully installed, and we hope that the client was able to enjoy their Christmas with their family.

EMS Stairlifts

Platinum Curve Stairlift

The Platinum Curve Stairlift is perfect for staircases with twists and turns, landings and corners. The stairlift is designed to the exact layout of your staircase so we’re sure to have a solution for you.

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EMS Stairlifts
EMS Stairlifts