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Stairlift features explained

Published 20/02/2017

It's imperative that your stairlift caters for all your needs. All our stairlifts are designed to swivel then lock, allowing you to use the arm rest to support your weight as you stand up or sit down with confidence, When not in use, simply fold back the seat and foot rest , which will allow other members of the household to use the staircase unimpeded.

Stairlift Diagram

1. Folding Seat & Footrest
Reduces the space taken up by the stairlifts when it's not in use. Keeps things tidy and allows other members of the household to use the staircase impeded. The folding seat allows users who cannot bend their knees to use the stairlift. This design also works well on very restricted staircases.

2. Locking Key Switch
Disable the stairlift at the turn of a key to prevent unauthorised use.

3. Safety Belt
The integral seat belt will ensure you are safe and secure on your stairlift.

4. DC Battery
A DC Battery is the power behind your chair. Being battery operated allows the lift to be quiet, smooth and there is no risk of wires becoming tangled or receiving an electric shock.

5. Infa Red Remote
Call your lift! Summon your lift to your feet as required

6. Safety Edge
The mechanical sensors on the main edge gently halt the stairlift if an obstacle is detected in its projected path.

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