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Staying at Home Safely During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Published 11/04/2021

You may have noticed how care homes have received some rather alarming press since the very beginning of the pandemic, as many have continually proven to be less than conducive to even basic safety for their residents. This has seen a surge of unnecessary deaths and torn families completely apart, which is why it’s now important to think about alternative options of care for any elderly relatives that need consistent support within their lives.

One of the main reasons people may enter care homes would be the fact they find manoeuvrability significantly more difficult compared to when they were younger. Whether it’s getting upstairs or even just entering a bathtub, it’s common for the older generation to require some form of assistance when moving around. As a dedicated stairlift company in Hertfordshire and the South East, we want to ensure people can live safely away from care homes, so we have decided to break down why choosing stairlifts from EMS for you or your loved ones home could help them remain suitably shielded as we continue to live in these rather frightening times.

Man using stairlift at home

Staying Home

We have all been told that the less human contact you can have in your life, the more likely you are to remain covid free. This is especially important for elderly and vulnerable people who have unfortunately made up a large percentage of the overall death count. Getting a stairlift installed will instantly take away one of the biggest obstacles behind getting old, and that’s moving up and down any stairs.

You may also find that allowing people to stay put and within familiar surroundings could prove to be highly beneficial for general wellbeing. Many of us get hugely attached to our homes and can’t bear the prospects of departing in order to obtain the right care. If you want to remain home, then working out which technology is the most prevalent would be the main thing to consider.

Avoiding Care Homes

The NHS has been over-run since the very beginning of the Pandemic, and this has inevitably led to reduced treatment being supplied in care homes. Surrounding yourself with equally vulnerable people is only going to increase the risks associated with the Coronavirus, which is why care homes are considered among the most acute locations to spend time.

Keeping away from major danger zones is something we can all have control over, so long as we have adapted our current surroundings to satisfy all our specific needs. Even though visitors and staff members are expected to observe any strict rules highlighted by the government, there have been many stories to emerge which show how incompetence has cost lives. So, why take the risk? If you think you need a stairlift or any mobility assisting devices, then having them installed and remaining home means you have greater control over the people you are exposed to and when.

Lady in bed at care home

Acquiring Live-in Care

Once you have reached the decision to stay home and install a new stairlift, you may want to consider additional live-in care services from providers like Promedica24. With costings similar to staying in a care home, a live-in carer allows you to find the right support that is catered towards a variety of conditions such as Cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease. With a tailored level of care in place, you will benefit from having around the clock assistance that is geared towards the key issues that are unique only to you.

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