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Why Should I Buy a Stairlift or any other mobility access equipment from EMS Lifts?

Published 26/06/2020

When you think of Stairlifts, Through Floor Lifts, Step Lifts or Ramps you’d be forgiven for immediately thinking of old familiar names that have become a generic name for the products. But a recognisable name doesn’t always mean they’ll be the best company for you. There are several reasons why it’s better to buy a Stairlift or other lifts from EMS Stairlifts.

The service that you will receive both before and after the installation from EMS Stairlifts cannot be matched by an International Company serving an array of different countries for the following reasons:

Great Stairlift and Mobility Access Equipment Product Range

EMS Lifts are not tied or biased towards any manufacturer of Stairlift or other lifting equipment. We recognise that stairlifts are all slightly different and one size does NOT fit all. We are able to select the most suitable stairlift for your needs from our extensive range of products, not limiting your options to one stairlift manufacturer. Buying a stairlift from a manufacturer or a tied distributor will drastically limit your stairlift options because they will often only have one stairlift solution to offer you. This will often result in you being offered the only product they have and not the solution you need that suits your lifestyle.

Excellent Local Service Engineers

Being a large UK Stairlift and Mobility Access company, EMS Lifts has a much higher proportion of Engineering staff covering our geographic areas. The result of which, is a much faster response if you ever encounter a problem with your lift, regardless of when this occurs. We provide cover 24/7/365 days a year and our service has not wavered during the COVID-19 lockdown. Our Engineers have had to adapt their methods to ensure customer safety, but this has been done responsibly, working closely with Local Authorities and without lowering the quality or speed of our response.

Largest UK Stairlift and Mobility Access equipment Showroom

EMS Lifts have the largest and most comprehensive stairlift and mobility lift showroom in the UK. Our state of the art facility allows customers to make an informed decision when purchasing a stairlift. Our customers are able to actually try the stairlift and other mobility equipment that we have specified for them prior to purchase. Relatively few manufacturers or distributors are able to offer their customers this vital service, which, if not available could easily result in difficulty for the user once an incorrect product has been installed in their home. For instance; would you have ever bought a car without seeing and trying it?

EMS Stairlifts

Adding to the above, the service you get from EMS right from the very first phone call is exceptional. Our Surveyors and Access Consultants are attentive to your needs and help to narrow down your selection based on your specific requirements. Our Installation Team and Engineers are excellent at adapting to their surroundings, ensuring your place of safety and security remains exactly that and our Aftercare Teams are supportive and always available for you.

If you’re looking for a Stairlift, Through Floor lift or any other Mobility Access solution, give us a call to see how we can help you.