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Why You Should Only Use Reputable Stairlift Companies

Published 18/10/2021

Taking the decision to purchase stairlifts means you’re likely to have lots of questions about how certain models operate and the sort of prices you can be expected to be paying. Given the importance of such equipment, people are quite rightly cautious when selecting their preferred stairlift company, so we have decided to highlight some of the most important features that should be part of any reputable set-up.

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Quality Products

A reliable stairlift company should be open and transparent about the range of stairlifts they have at their disposal, clearly explaining the benefits and the sort of people they’re typically suited to. We have the UK’ largest stairlift showroom, and it's here that customers can see first-hand what we have available, giving them accurate insight before moving ahead with purchases. We cover a broad range of models, ranging from straight stairlifts all the way through to ramp solutions, where every product is purposely made to enhance both safety and comfort for the user.

Honest Service

We never pressure sell! Whether you’re visiting our showroom or an advisor comes to your home, you can be sure that no-one will be pressured into making purchases until they’re comfortable to do so. A reputable stairlift company will also speak to customers in an approachable manner, answering questions and never leading people into thinking certain models are better than what they really are. Customer service is the bedrock behind any successful business, and that’s precisely why we constantly hone into our staff the importance of striking long and meaningful relationships with customers, as this helps to establish our brand as one of both integrity and trust.

Regular Support

Even when you’ve decided to purchase one of the more expensive stairlifts we have available, there’s still every chance that repairs could be required much later down the line. A poor company won’t be bothered about aftercare, but rather that you’ve simply paid for your model and left them to focus on other customers. We do things very differently here! At EMS, we offer 24/7 support, allowing customers to feel at ease when their stairlifts incur some sort of malfunction. You can reach out to us whenever you like, and one of our many engineers will get to your home promptly, ready to decipher the issue and work out the most suitable solution.

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How Can You Identify Reputable Stairlift Companies Near Me?

It’s really quite simple! Check for stairlift reviews! This is where previous customers can offer insight into how they were treated by the company and whether they’re happy with the stairlift they received. Taking a glance though the number of 5* stairlift company reviews they have will show you right away whether they’re even worth getting a quote from. We are Which? Accredited, so you can be sure that EMS lifts reviews are 100% independent and never influenced by third parties.

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