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For most people, purchasing a stairlift is a process that usually only happens once in a lifetime – so you may find it useful to get some advice from a healthcare professional or even from us, the experts. We always strive to give straightforward, honest advice and enough information to allow you to make an informed decision.

Finding Your Curved Stairlift Solution:

A curved stairlift is a little more complex than its straight counterpart and is usually a bespoke product made and adjusted specifically for your staircase. It is important that the “fit” is as snug as possible in order to leave the maximum amount of room for the able bodied to walk the staircase, whilst at the same time ensuring that there are no clash points, between the user and any part of the staircase. There are a number of factors which might influence the choice and specification of such a stairlift, this is best discussed during a no obligation assessment by one of our trained assessors.

Curved Stairlifts
3 Easy steps to owning your new stairlift:
  • Contact EMS Stairlifts to arrange a no obligation home visit by one of our experienced surveyors to discuss and agree your requirements. If you can, visit our Stairlift Centre in Baldock to try your stairlift before you commit to a purchase.
  • Order your stairlift. If he hasn't already done so, your surveyor will arrange to visit you again promptly to carry out a photographic survey of your staircase.
  • Our Service Administrator will contact you when your stairlift is delivered, (most straight stairlifts are already in stock) and arrange a mutually convenient time to carry out the installation
Flow X Stairlift

TKA Flow X

The Curve twin rail is built to the exact measurements of your staircase and the seat is fully adjustable to your size and body shape. Variety of rail start and finish options to suit any staircase.

  • Premium stairlift design
  • Optional powered footplate
  • Optional powered folding chair
  • Folding toggle switch
  • Auto emergency lowering device
EMS Stairlifts Product Range

TKA Flow 2a (Reconditioned only)

Flow 2 is a unique single rail stairlift system unlike any other on the market. It features a patented power swivel mechanism. It has the capability to operate in situations where most stairlifts would not.

  • Stairlift rides on a single rail system and effortlessly folds away in one easy step.
  • Charge points at the top and the bottom of the track.
  • Wall mounted call and send controls.
EMS Stairlifts Product Range

OtoLift Modul-Air

The Oto Air's impresses with it's modern design, which does not immediately capture your attention, but merges in to the surrounding in an elegant and modest manner.

  • Unique 6cm diameter rail.
  • Extremely compact chair.
  • Automatically rotating chair.
  • Ideal for narrow staircases.
EMS Stairlifts Product Range

OtoLift Two

The Oto two curved stairlift offers users a smooth ride and offers a huge range of custom options. It has been a long-time favourite in Europe and has become benchmarks of design and quality.

  • Slim double-tube rail makes this stairlift incredibly strong.
  • Take up minimal space, leaving room for other staircase users.
  • A variety of 16 seat fabric colours.
  • Powered swivel and powered footrest available.
Platinum Ultimate Curve Stairlift

Platinum Ultimate

The uniquely designed 'First Step Smart Start' feature allows the bottom of the stairs to be kept clear until the stairlift is needed.

  • Vertical start, reducing space the rail needs at the bottom of the stairs.
  • Digital display.
  • 5 seat colours available.
  • Powered swivel and 'First Step Smart Start' available.
Platinum Curve Stairlift

Platinum Curve

The Curve twin rail is built to the exact measurements of your staircase and the seat is fully adjustable to your size and body shape.

  • Variety of rail start and finish options to suit any staircase.
  • Ergonomic joystick.
  • ERGO Space seat available for narrow staircases.
  • Powered swivel amd heavy duty option available.
EMS Stairlifts Product Range

Bruno Elite (Curved)

The Elite curve can accommodate up to 30 stone in weight whilst having a stylish and slimline appearance, complete with a comfortable upholstered seat.

  • Slimline design with folding footrest and chair base.
  • Charge points at the top and bottom.
  • Adjustable seat height (set by our engineer).
  • Remote controls at top and bottom of stairs.

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Quotation Mark
I just wanted to let you know how very pleased I am with my Platinum Stairlift you installed a few months ago now. It’s made such a difference to my daily life and going up and down the stairs is now a painless procedure. It’s easy to use and the two charging points where it rests aren’t a problem for the rest of the family and when she’s unwell my daughter uses it too.
Quotation Mark
Mrs A, December 2020.