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Just recently we completed a survey that reported 99% of our customers would recommend our services to others. It gives us great pleasure to hear about how our products have improved independence and value of life. Below you can see some examples of our recent testimonials:
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What makes a good ramp?

  • All of our engineers wear an EMS Lifts uniform which allows you to be secure in the knowledge that they are legitimate representatives of the company.
  • Every company van is equipped with a comprehensive array of diagnostic equipment and spare parts which enable them to fix over 96% of all problems on the first visit and keep you mobile day and night.
  • As you would expect every EMS lift is supported by our own warranty, which can be extended for any period you want for as long as your lift is in use.
  • If you own a stairlift, straight or curved along with any other lifting equipment and you are dissatisfied with your current provider contact us and we will be pleased to help you.

Examples of our Ramp Solutions

Modular Ramp Installed Outside a House
Modular Ramp Installed Outside a House
Modular Ramp Installed Outside a House

Modular Ramp Installed Outside a House
Modular Ramp Installed Outside a Building
Modular Ramp Installed Outside a Building

Ramp Types

Modular Ramp Installed Outside a House

Modular Solutions

These ramps can be build into almost every type of environment making them a highly adaptable yet secure way to improve access both to a home as well as public areas.

Easirail Handrail Ramp Installed outside home

Easirail Handrails

Our 42mm handrail tube is attached directly to the posts and brackets using 4.8mm domed rivets providing a quick, strong and tamper resistant method of attachment. Additional rivets can be used to provide enhanced security, if required.

The handrail tube is used in conjunction with our range of connectors and end caps, which either have a friction fit or are glued into position. Using our Termination rail it is possible to loop the rail into the midrail.
Easirail Wall to Floor Step Kits installed outside home

Easirail Wall to Floor Step Kits

Wall to floor step kits are the ideal solution in providing a safe handrail option where 1-3 single steps are present.

Easirail Wall to Floor Step Kits
Easirail Wall to Floor Step Kits
Easirail Wall to Floor Step Kits
Step Units Installed Outside Home

Step Units

Step units complement a ramp installation perfectly and provide the additional access required for ambulant users that is often overlooked when installing a ramp.

Whether in a domestic or public access situation, a step unit is often essential for able-bodied and ambulant disabled people who may find it harder to negotiate a ramp. Providing such alternative access is an important consideration and there are a variety of combinations available to suit client requirements in terms of the number and size of steps.

The step units are fully adjustable, ensuring that each step is equidistant. One to four steps are available as standard with extensions available up to a maximum of 8 steps. We also offer two tread depths of 300 and 600mm.
Ramp Kit Up and Over Being used in a home

Ramp Kit - Up and Over

Up and Over ramp kits combine the well proven Aerolight-xero with the innvative Doorline-Multi. This package provides everything needed for access up to, and over the threshold.

Excellent System Modular Ramp Being Used By A wheelchair user

Excellent System

Excellent System is a totally modular threshold ramp. These modular kits make it possible to build a tailor made ramp for your threshold.

  • Easily configured for any application.
  • Choose from 4 kits.
  • Totally Weatherproof.
  • Quick to install.
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After having a fairly hard sell from one national company, we got EMS around. Matt turned up an didn't try and push a sale at all. He simply gave us his opinion on what would be best for us and quoted a price. He then said give us a call if you want to proceed. No follow-up sales call at all. We did proceed and within five weeks Paul the fitter arrived. He worked quickly and thoroughly, and left the house very clear. Highly recommend.
Quotation Mark
G, May 2017.